Ø Workforce Performance

Potential Analysis:

Ø Equipment Performance OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)

Ø Performance Improvement
Potential analysis of the total operation, including

§ Work-/Material Flow
Analysis of the existing work and material flow and redesign and implementation of improvements.

§ Technology and Equipment
Analysis of the conditions of the equipment, the working procedures and, state of the art technology is applied.

§ OEE (Overall Equipment efficiency) Analysis
Including equipment utilisation, cycle times, setup times, process scrap and maintenance.

§ Workforce Utilisation
Random case study, specifying al non performance lost times.

§ Layout of Patterns, Tools, Dies and core boxes
Analysis and redesign.

    resulting in a detailed action plan, describing actions, time schedules for implementation, necessary investments and payback calculation.

Ø Operational Excellence


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Performance Improvement

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