• Analysis
    of the actual and the desired situation in the field of the management, manufacturing, logistics, and quality assurance, etc.

  • Conceptual Planning & Layout
    Design or redesign of a new production layout on the basis of the planned product portfolio and the capacities needed, taking work and material flow in consideration as well as working conditions and environment.

  • Detailed Engineering

    • Definition and layout of all interfaces, foundations and auxiliary equipment, e.g. energy, water, pressurized air, ventilation etc.

    • Feasibility, i.e. the economical impact of a strategic action and/or investment, e.g. change of location, build of new factory, change of technology and/or product portfolio.

  • Project Planning
    Detailed planning of all tasks, responsibilities and deadlines.

  • Project Management

    • Management of time/deadlines and Budget.

    • Secure functionality of installations (equipment and interfaces) through tight management of the suppliers.