Potential Analysis

of the total operation, including:

  • Work-/Material Flow
    Analysis of the actual work and material flow and redesign and implementation of improvements.


  • Technology and Equipment
    Analysis of the conditions of the equipment, the processes applied and adaption to state of the art technology.


  • OEE (Overall Equipment efficiency) Analysis
    Including equipment utilization, cycle times, setup times, process scrap and maintenance. The OEE will be calculated once, based on the actual situation. It will be possible to use the setup for the OEE for a technical reporting KSF.


  • Workforce Utilization
    Random case study, specifying al non performance lost times.


  • Layout of Patterns, Tools, Dies and core boxes
    Analysis and redesign.

    resulting in a detailed action plan, describing actions, time schedules for implementation, necessary investments and payback calculation.