Over the last 12 years, E&P has successfully conducted numerous projects in various disciplines whereof the following projects are just examples.
Grinding- & Sinterline
Plain Bearings
Celaya, Mexico

Installation of a steel strip grinding and sinter coating line in Mexico

  • Detail Engineering for a grinding line and a sinter line for strip material, as well as a production unit for Teflon mush, used for the process.

    • Elaboration of all specifications (56 different equipment)

    • Tendering

    • Suppliers selection ( Mexico, USA, Brazil, India and Europe)

    • Support in contract negotiations

  • Project management:

    • Supervision of the production of the equipment at the suppliers

    • Follow-up transportation and customs clearance

    • Installation

    • Start-up

Foundry for large
Wind Energy castings
Kristiansand, Norway

Rebuild of foundry for larger castings, including sand Mixer, Shakeout, Cranes and Coating.

  • Concept Engineering

    • Layout,

    • Equipment

    • Auxiliaries

    • Budget

  • Detail Engineering

    • Specifications

    • Definition of Interfaces

    • Tendering

    • Suppliers selection

    • Support in contract negotiations

  • Project Management

    • Supervision of the suppliers

    • Installation

    • Start-up

Restructuring of the US Holding of a German Corporation
Thornwood, NY, USA

Restructuring of the US Holding in New York, responsible for administration, Tax, HR, Accounting, Legal Advice, IT, Shipping & Customs Clarence,
100 employees

  • Restructuring (Savings: 1,6 Mio.$/anno)

  • Discharge of president

  • Status analysis,

  • Decentralization of all functions, which could be managed by the divisions. Layoffs.

  • Modification of business processes and lay off staff

  • Elaboration of alternatives for the oversized headquarter building:

    • Sell & lease back

    • Sell & move to a new headquarter

    • Move all departments together and rent out half of the building.

Technical Reporting and Internal Benchmarking
Europe, USA

Elaboration and introduction of a consistent Technical Reporting System for seven business units (4 in the US and 3 in Europe).

The Reporting was built on KPI's, created by consistent condensation of operational figures, leading to comparable results between the business units.

Internal Benchmarking was introduced on a monthly/ 3 monthly level, depending on KPI.

Each MD received a feedback about his own performance compared to the best performer by name and the other business units (anonymous).

Process improvement in Compact Graphite Iron Technology

  • Metallurgy

    • Melting

    • Desoxidation/Desulfurization

    • Holding furnaces procedures

    • Pouring furnaces procedures

  • Casting technology

  • QA processes to secure quality

Technical consulting CGI Foundry metallurgy

Elaboration of a business strategy for  the actual marked segments as well as potential, new market segments on the bais of the companies strength and weaknesses and the market's attractivity, competitiveness and threats.

The strategy was completet by strategic options with specified action plans.

Strategy for an Iron Foundry